The LINDAL Group’s confidential whistleblowing procedure can be used by employees to raise concerns and issues. The purpose is to promote ethical and legally compliant behavior on the part of our company. The internal reporting system also serves to clarify and prevent violations.

What can be reported under the whistleblowing procedure?

Employees can raise concerns on a scope of topics that violate company regulations and/or the law, these include:

  • Discrimination and harassment
  • Corruption and bribery
  • Anti-competitive practices
  • Child and/or forced labour and human trafficking
  • Information security
  • Environmental and ethical issues

 How to raise a whistleblowing concern?

Employees and all other persons who are in contact with us in the course of their professional activities can use the following whistleblowing reporting channels:

Via the reporting channels, you have the possibility, also completely anonymously, to submit reports on violations of laws or LINDAL´s Code of Conduct. Your reports will be processed by LINDAL`s independent external reporting office in compliance with legal regulations and confidentiality. You also have the option of arranging a personal meeting with our independent external reporting office.

What happens after my complaint has been raised?

Following submission of a whistleblowing report, all details within it will be considered and processed by an independent external party. When you submit a report, you can view the processing status of your report in your login area. This login area makes it possible to contact you confidentially if there are any queries. You also have the opportunity to provide additional information at any time. You will receive login data for this purpose after submitting your report. These login data (user name and password) are generated automatically. Please remember these login data. This login area is of course also available to you if you submit your report anonymously. Your anonymity will be preserved.

During the process, the external reporting office dealing with your report may contact you to find out more information on the issues and concerns you have raised. The independent external reporting office may, if necessary, contact auxiliary persons of LINDAL as part of the validity check and in compliance with the legal requirements for maintaining confidentiality if the audit requires insights into business operations that the reporting office, as an external third party, does not have. If the whistleblowing report is valid, an assessment is made as to what follow-up measures can be taken to investigate, clarify and remedy the offence described in the report. Possible follow-up measures include, for example, interviewing witnesses or inspecting documents.

How do I find out the outcome of my complaint? 

You will receive communication on the progress of an investigation in your login area. If you have provided your e-mail address, you will also be informed about the current processing status of your report by e-mail. If you want to stay anonymous, you will need to log in to the whistleblowing system, to receive updates.

LINDAL’s whistleblowing policy

The LINDAL Group’s whistleblowing policy guarantees confidentiality and anonymity before, during, and after investigations for those raising an issue or concern. The policy also guarantees protection of individuals who report misconduct or wrongdoing against any form of retaliation, for example, termination, demotion, harassment, discrimination, or any other form of negative treatment against the whistleblower. If you believe you are being discriminated against as a result of raising a report, and have evidence, you can submit an additional report through the whistleblowing system.

Please note, in some cases, we may be legally obligated to share the information you have provided to relevant government agencies. If it is established that a legal violation has taken place, LINDAL will respond with the appropriate level of action.

In line with our policy, anyone found to be making false or misleading whistleblowing reports will be challenged and appropriate action will be taken by the LINDAL Group management.

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