Lindal France is Certified to Comply with Decree 2021-461 for the Prevention of Loss of Industrial Plastic Pellets into the environment.

Compliance with Decree 2021-461 is mandatory for businesses within France, that handle, store, and process industrial plastic granules that exceed volumes of 5 tons and contains granule sizes between 0.01 mm and 1 cm.

Recertification is applied on a 3-Year basis.

In accordance with Decree 2021-461, Lindal France has taken the following actions to prevent the loss of industrial plastic granules into the environment:

  • Areas where industrial plastic granules may be released or accidentally spilled into the environment have been identified.
  • Periodic checks to ensure the packaging used to store and transport industrial plastic granules is robust to minimize the risk of releasing industrial plastic granules into the environment.
  • Contain and collect daily any industrial plastic granules accidentally spilled on site.
  • Regularly clean the retention basins and the area around the site.
  • Ensure the equipment preventing the loss of industrial plastic granules into the environment is in good working order.
  • Train our personnel working on site to ensure they understand the purpose of the actions & controls to be applied.
  • Monitor internal controls of these procedures.

A copy of Lindal France Certificate can be retrieved below: