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LINDAL receives double recognition at ADF Innovation Awards 2023

Hamburg, Germany – February 1st 2023

The LINDAL Group has collected two accolades in the Industrial and Technical Application category at this year’s ADF Awards held on 26th January at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles.

The winner of the category was LINDAL’s CG-HP40 Multigun developed with brand owner, Novatech. LINDAL was also presented with a certificate for a bespoke applicator designed alongside international home improvement company, Kingfisher.

The CG-HP40 – breaking new ground for caulking guns

The winning CG-HP40 Multigun was designed and manufactured by LINDAL’s subsidiary, Altachem, a global leader in the production and development of valves and accessories for foam guns. The aim behind the design was to provide one simple applicator solution for all levels of viscosity.

With several caulking guns on the market, trades people currently have to choose one applicator according to the level of viscosity required for each job. This results in some users having to carry numerous applicators to perform different tasks. The new CG-HP40 allows all caulking jobs to be performed with one gun by dispensing all degrees of viscosity. Users can set and tweak the thrust ratio required, in consistency with material and temperature. The new design also makes way for long-term savings as users can purchase one, instead of multiple applicators.

The teams worked to ensure the gun was both light yet robust and adjustability was intuitive to users. The lightweight aluminium holder provides well-balanced weight distribution and the soft grip, user friendly release button and trigger shape contribute to an ergonomic and attractive solution.

Recognition for sustainable three-part applicator

A three-part applicator co-developed by LINDAL and Kingfisher was also acknowledged with a certificate from the judges.

Ahead of their collaboration, Kingfisher approached LINDAL to support them in producing a new sustainable product that produced minimal waste. In response, they developed a solution that sees a nozzle on the side of a can attached to the top of a LINDAL high delivery valve. The three-way actuator then screws onto the can, ready for use. Compatible with a number of different Kingfisher brands and sealant products, the solution offers a valuable alternative to traditional one-time use applicators.

Not only does its reusability advantages help reduce waste, but the applicator can also be used in numerous home improvement settings, thanks to its intuitive features. The product has since entered into full scale production and has received positive feedback from consumers.

Altachem managing director, Jean-Marie Poppe says: “We are delighted with both awards, and pleased to have made such progress in the industrial and technical sector, helping to meet two quite different and complex challenges. A huge well done to all team members from Altachem and our trusted innovation partners.”

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