Altachem: developing people and technology for better results

Hamburg, Germany – August 18th, 2021

As a company with an extensive aerosol packaging solutions and manufacturing services we wanted to provide you with a more thorough insight as to how we do things at LINDAL. In the first of a new series of blogs looking at each of our divisions, we take a deeper dive into our Belgium-based manufacturing plant, Altachem.

Acquired in 2011, to help us provide a broader scope of products, Altachem is our ‘Centre of Excellence’ for manufacturing high delivery valves, guns and application tools. The 23-strong team led by managing director, Jean-Marie Poppe, works continually on the development of employees and the progression of new technology to ensure we offer maximum supply chain flexibility and new product development opportunities for our customers.

Robotics expertise

To further its technological know-how, in December last year, Altachem put forward a bid to be involved in an exciting new European funded robotics and internal processes programme, The Trinity Innovation Hubs programme. After successful selection the team has since begun work on a year-long project with other manufacturing and technology experts to establish the viability of robotic systems on factory floors and examine ways to improve their effectiveness on factory floors.

Strong collaboration skills are the cornerstone of Altachem. In May 2019, the company took part for the second time in a 1,000 km cycling challenge, raising funds for cancer support charity, Kom op tegen Kanker. Putting forward three teams who trained hard for the grueling four-day event, each member took it in turns to cycle a 125 km leg of the full route – raising an impressive €15,000 thanks to their impressive team work!

Employee well-being and development

The same people-centred spirit extends to Altachem’s approach to employee well-being with the creation of its own program, Altafit!. The scheme, aimed to keep the business stronger through the promotion of healthy living sees employees participate in healthy eating, health and safety, mental health workshops, surveys and physical fitness checks.

A commitment to the future of work

Recent involvement in the ‘Be The Change’ charter also places emphasis on Altachem’s people. Run by Agoria, the overall mission is to ensure employees are ready for the future of work. Altachem has already assigned itself to three commitments, including Digital Skills training days, the provision of a talent assessment to monitor unknown strengths of employees, and the encouragement of employees to build a skill set by spending time in other roles to develop competence in other areas within the company.

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