Altachem take on the Pentathlon

Hamburg, Germany – 14th, December 2022

It’s always a pleasure to see our teams at LINDAL taking part in events that create a positive impact on the wider community and develop teamwork in the process. In October, we were delighted to see Altachem pick up third place in a very unique pentathlon event.

Not your average pentathlon

Run by Belgian non-profit, Triple Challenge, the team at Altachem were invited to compete against other companies in its ‘Company 5 Camp’ pentathlon. The event included a 400m tandem bike race with one person blindfolded, a wheelchair shotput, a 100m duo run with one person blindfolded, a 4x 400m relay buddy run, and 100m wheelchair race.

But that’s not where the race ended. Beyond the team’s physical abilities, all competitors were challenged on their social and environmental contributions too, factors which influenced final scores. Participants were asked to arrive at the venue as climate neutral as possible and wear the most sustainable clothing for the event. Social points were given to those able to gather supporters in the wings, with further points awarded for the including people with disabilities and bringing other companies on board.

Through all their competitions, Triple Challenge’s aim is to make a positive impact ‘through exercising for good, for inclusion and for the planet.’

Former paralympic swimmer, Hannelore Vens hosted the event and said: “Just like in any successful company, blind trust and 100% team spirit are the engine of success in this G-sport challenge.”

Taking part in the pentathlon, Altachem’s Finance, HR and IT manager, Christophe De Gusseme said: “This was a fantastic event, stretching all of us on many levels and bringing plenty of smiles! Pushing the boundaries of sport by immersing ourselves in what it feels like to be a Paralympic was eye-opening too. Not only was this a physical exercise but also an exercise in trust and a great reminder in how positive teamwork brings positive results at Altachem.”

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