Find out how we’re colouring the way for our customers

February 19, 2019
At Lindal, one of the most interesting and rewarding aspects of what we do is helping such a broad range of businesses. From designing a new anti-perspirant application for the personal care market, creating a new ergonomic design for a home care product, or advising a pharmaceutical client on a nasal dispensing system, our work means no two projects are ever the same.

This has led to a great variety of work for us and with it, a need to rationalise and streamline the way customers find what they are looking for. That’s why we have introduced a system which links each segment with a particular colour, for all the five different segments we work in, including personal care, home care, technical, pharmaceutical and food.

Although linking colours to product segments is not a new marketing concept, we have found that it has already improved the way our customers have been able to identify and recognise the segment and product they are looking for, quickly and easily and we’ve had lots of positive feedback so far. Have a look at our market segments and see which colours match which segment…

Market Segments

Market Segments