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Hamburg, Germany – January 20th, 2022

In the second of our blog series exploring each of our subsidiaries at LINDAL, we discover more about the role our tooling and equipment plant, Leonhard Fischer plays in the development of our aerosol packaging solutions.

What do we do at Leonhard Fischer?

Established in 1969 and now based in Bad Oldesloe, Germany, LINDAL’s Fischer plant affords us the unique ability to offer our customers a ‘one-stop-shop’ delivering fully integrated and bespoke project-managed solutions for injection moulding, metal stamping and assembly automation. We lead the way in continuously developing and utilising technology to best serve our customers, bringing capabilities of high-volume, quality, speed and robust processes.

Our experts design, develop and manufacture a full range of industrial assembly equipment to produce both standard and complex parts and components for our customers’ products. Growing from a modest machine maintenance shop, established over 50 years ago, the company has built on its history and become known for its robust processes. This has seen it become one of the most recognised, integrated solution providers in machine, mould tool, stamping tool and maintenance technology.

High-speed precision experts

Employing the most accurate tooling and automation equipment for assembly processes is crucial in the development of high-quality parts and components. The precision of the finished product, and the repeatability of a process on a mass scale are critical to product success. But perhaps most importantly, it is the high-speed proficiencies that position Fischer as a leader in aerosol manufacturing technology, with the high-speed production of stamping a chief capability.

These capabilities have been formed through Fischer’s long history in the pursuit of the ultimate solution in aerosol component production. The team has worked hard to develop, over multiple generations, the most rigorous processes in moulding, handling, and assembling, over time, returning maximum value and quality to customers.

Thanks to our extensive expertise, we have the advantage of knowing the precise specification and capacity requirements for a given project, no matter the complexity. To fully meet these requirements, we either build the tools ourselves or work with external tool makers, depending on the specific project. Whichever path we take, our expertise is the most critical component, as we have the knowledge needed to relay exact specifications.

Early involvement in product development

Along with our speed and precision know-how, we ensure every project is armed with the most qualified and suitable specialists who get onboard at the very early stages, starting with product design for manufacture input to ensure our products can be produced reliably and repeatedly at high volume. We also take extra care to verify manufacturing requirements during this key product design phase. This early involvement means that customised and standard assembly equipment and tooling, from pilot moulds to industrial-scale tool projects, are designed as precisely as possible from the beginning.

This adaptability extends to our commitment to keep on developing our machinery in line with industry 4.0 capabilities. Having access to the most effective manufacturing technology, along with Fischer’s five decades of expertise allows our customers to maintain a competitive edge now and in the future.

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