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LINDAL brings cutting edge innovation for wound cleaning solution

Hamburg, Germany – March 3rd, 2021

LINDAL’s award winning Bag-and-bag (BAB) technology has been implemented in a new antiseptic foaming wound cleaner that offers unique benefits to consumers.

Designed for professional and consumer use in the medical and veterinary markets, and created by Med Scrub Inc., HemaScrub™ Cleanser is a dual-action wash that mixes two formulations at the point of dispensing to treat wounds more effectively.

During wound treatment, dirt and debris can often enter the affected area, and it can be problematic to remove this quickly, without causing pain to the patient. Addressing this obstacle, the cleaner uses BAB technology to ‘foam out’ dirt and grime using a dual-vortex dispensing system which accurately and consistently mixes the cleanser, simultaneously dispensing two sprays and thoroughly cleaning the wound and removing debris.

Med Scrub Inc. Director and Medical Developer, Anthony Talamonti said: “From the moment we learned about LINDAL’s BAB technology we knew it was exactly what we were looking for in a spray can form delivery system due to its capabilities in keeping ingredients separate and stable before being dispensed.”

Medical and veterinary benefits

BAB technology can be used across a wide variety of market applications as the technology allows potentially non-compatible formulas to be mixed just before or at the moment of use. After receiving initial prototypes from LINDAL, Med Scrub Inc. realised just how much of an advantage the HemaScrub™? Cleanser offered to medical and veterinary markets. The technology’s use with compressed air means that formulations can be dispensed at an ambient temperature, ensuring humans and animals are not shocked with ice cold propellants when treated for wounds. The formula can also be dispensed in any direction from the can, with 360 ° usability, and because the compressed air solution doesn’t produce a hissing sound, animals are not frightened when the wash is applied.

How does BAB technology work?

BAB works on the same principles as the single bag solution, Bag-on-valve technology (BOV). Like BOV, BAB incorporates compressed air, sealed packaging, continuous dispensing, and has a 96-98% evacuation rate depending on product viscosity.

However, BAB has two product chambers inside the same can. Each chamber can contain potentially incompatible formulations. The two products mix at the time of use or after application, if required. LINDAL’s BAB is distinguished by its use of a Bi-Power valve which supports a more streamline filling process and provides consumers with a more equal distribution of the two products.

An award winning technology

LINDAL has recently won the FEA (European Aerosol Federation) Packaging Element Design award for BAB. The jury acknowledged the benefits of the Bi-power valve as well as the flow limitation concept managed in the actuator instead of the valve thus allowing a faster filling.

LINDAL’s North America Sales Director, Alex Piagnarelli, who led the LINDAL team in the development of the HemaScrub™? Cleanser dispenser said: “It’s been a pleasure to be a part of the journey with Med Scrub Inc. We are excited to see this unique new offering on the market where we believe it will be readily adopted.”

Anthony Talamonti added: “The team at LINDAL proved a huge support from finding the best filling partner, to choosing the correct container and nozzle sizes for components. They have demonstrated not only the high quality of their products, but also their continued willingness to go the extra mile.”

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