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LINDAL Group and APS collaborate to create miniMist

Hamburg, Germany – February 17th, 2021

Global aerosol dispensing specialists LINDAL Group is partnering with technology company Alternative Packaging Solutions (APS) to develop miniMist, a new and globally patented continuous dispensing system that offers a reusable and sustainable alternative to the existing aerosol format.

miniMist is a reusable dispensing system which is applied onto a screw top container. To use the product the consumer twists the top of the dispenser which compresses a spring and preloads an internal chamber. The product is then dispensed when the top button is depressed which causes the spring to be released. Once empty, miniMist can be refilled by simply unscrewing the dispenser and replenishing the product in the container. As a result, miniMist can be used as either a one-time or refillable product.

miniMist has been developed by APS and will be industrialised by LINDAL whose extensive manufacturing, assembly and insert technology expertise will be instrumental to bring this multicomponent device to market. Alex Piagnarelli, Sales Director of LINDAL North America said: “We are very pleased to work on this project alongside APS. This provides another example of LINDAL working closely with our supply partners to bring an innovative product to life.”

miniMist offers many benefits to both consumers and brand owners alike across a wide range of market applications including in Personal Care and Home Care. Consumers can spray pure products without propellants and benefit from a consistent and refined particle distribution. miniMist is noticeably quiet when the product is dispensed and as it can be used in both an upright and upside-down bottle position. This delivers a new holistic experience to the user. The bottle is customisable allowing for multiple different configurations that can vary in shape, size, and materials used. This allows brand owners to easily create a distinct product that stands out on the shelf against the competition and matches their brand image.

As the container is not pressurised, costs of filling, product testing, storage and shipping are reduced. Not only is miniMist suitable for traditional aerosol applications, it is also suitable for e-commerce channels and refill models that encourage repeat purchase from consumers.

Brad Barron, Chief Innovation Officer of APS said: “I am excited to forge our partnership with LINDAL to bring miniMist to market. Consumers now have the benefits of continuous spray without the complexity of a pressurised package. We believe that miniMist’s sustainability benefits, improved user experience and simplified supply chain will transform the industry.”
Low cavitation tooling is currently being developed to produce market quality samples that will be available later in the year.

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