Performing in personal care – how we do it

July 25, 2019

Discover how we perform in personal care

As the consumption of skin care, body sprays, deodorants shaving, hair care and grooming products continue to rise the world over, the global personal care sector flourishes in unison.

An army of different products are used by consumers each and every day and an aging population, as well as emerging markets, like China and India, further compound market growth. It’s a hugely important area for us as a provider of aerosol dispensing solutions and has remained a key space we specialise in.

We know that personal care brands need to differentiate, offer choice and be equipped with practical tools to make their products successful. Accordingly, we have worked hard to continually fine tune our products and capabilities, which comprise of several different in-house competencies:

  • Our broad scope of products. Being able to select precisely the right product combination from a portfolio of over 10,000 valve, actuator and barrier pack product specifications provides choice and decision-making confidence to our customers.
  • Our ability to help differentiate. The wide product variety also means there is more opportunity to differentiate – a key factor to enable our customers to stand out when operating in an increasingly busy and competitive market place.
  • Our design capabilities. Innovation is at the heart of what we do and this begins at the start of product development cycle, our design team ensures solutions are aesthetically pleasing, high performing and can be practically applied to manufacturing processes for high quality, high volume supply requirements.
  • Our practical solutions. Concepts are carefully translated into practical applications, enabling us to support our customers in bringing new product innovations to the market in a timely manner.
Personal care product success

Our range of capabilities and in-depth experience have allowed us to enjoy a run of achievements from our personal care product portfolio. One of our latest innovations is our award-winning Enhanced Mist Technology, a new nozzle technology producing a uniquely quiet and fine mist designed for use with compressed gas, as well as traditional propellant based aerosols. This has been particularly successful in skin care solutions, and is a technology which provides a distinctive new feature, appealing to a broad set of personal care consumers.

In addition, our “Henry” and “Blade” actuators, one-piece spray caps, designed for shaving gel and foam, are fine examples of how our design team is able to create products that are both aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically sound, including designs offering low force to operate which further enhance the consumer experience. In terms of differentiation, our FlipClassic insert-less actuator, with cap and actuator securely hinged together, can be used with just one hand, solving the issue of a lost cap as well as undesired actuation, perfect for products like shampoos, shower gels and sun care products.

Overall, our personal care products have helped us carve out an impressive path so far, but like the other industries we also operate in, we have to continue to develop our offerings, listen to the market and work closely with all our customers.

Personal care