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Lindal Group joins the UK Aerosol Recycling Initiative

United Kingdom – 20th February 2024

Lindal Group, a global leader in the design, manufacture and sale of specialist valves, actuators and spray caps used in aerosol products, has joined other key members in the UK Aerosol Recycling Initiative as a funding partner.

Spearheaded by Alupro, the UK Aerosol Recycling Initiative was launched in 2022 to increase awareness and uptake of aerosol recycling across the UK. Working towards a recycling rate of 50% by 2030, the programme brings together leading businesses and influencers from across the aerosol supply chain to inspire positive national change.

As a funding partner, Lindal Group will help to accelerate the initiative’s feasibility studies, data collection activities, pilot programmes and consumer engagement campaigns.

Thuy-Tien Nguyen, Global Sustainability Manager at Lindal Group, commented: “We’re delighted to join the UK Aerosol Recycling Initiative as a funding partner. Being a major supplier to the global aerosol supply chain, we appreciate the challenges surrounding aerosol recycling and the imperative to both raise awareness and increase uptake.

“Programmes like this are essential to better understand consumer behaviours, address barriers and drive further improvements. Already, the initiative has made significant headway and delivered impressive results. We’re looking forward to supporting its future trajectory and accelerating national change.”

Tom Giddings, executive director of Alupro, added: “Having the backing of Lindal Group will prove pivotal to achieving the UK Aerosol Recycling Initiative’s three main ambitions – inspiring change, embracing a sustainable future and driving further progress towards a 50% aerosol recycling rate by 2030. We have big plans for the future and, with the support of our partners, will continue to inspire a national uplift in aluminium packaging recycling rates.”

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LINDAL Group is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of valves, actuators and spray caps used in aerosol products. The Hamburg, Germany-based company has more than 60 years of experience with innovative dispensing solutions for the cosmetics, household, pharmaceuticals, food and technical industries.

The LINDAL Group is represented by subsidiaries and licensees in more than 15 countries throughout Europe, Asia and The Americas. The company is renowned for its innovative designs, which deliver optimal functionality and return on investment. As a result, LINDAL packaging solutions are the choice of the world’s most prestigious and trusted brands.

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