A landmark year at LINDAL

December 20, 2019

2019 has been an incredibly busy year for the LINDAL Group with a string of milestones, activities and achievements to celebrate.

It’s been a year interspersed with anniversaries, beginning with our 60th birthday, which we were eager to make as memorable as possible for all employees, past and present, who have contributed to LINDAL’s success.
Not only has it been 60 years since the LINDAL Group first formed, but this year represents 50 years of manufacturing excellence with Leonhard Fischer. We continue to be proud of the people who have given Fischer its reputation as a high-quality provider of high-speed automation equipment and injection mould tools. 2019 also marks 10 years in business for LINDAL Spain which has seen impressive growth in all areas over the last decade.

Award win

In September, we were delighted to win a joint award with our partners, DuPont at the ADF&PCD Innovation Awards, an achievement which was not only a victory for a very smart solution in the DIY market but, a notable victory for collaboration too. Throughout the year, we showcased our award-winning Enhanced Mist Technology at ADF New York, ADF Shanghai, and ADF Paris, providing greater insight behind EMT’s impressive spray performance and capabilities with compressed air.

Employee milestones

Awards and celebrations aside, 2019 was the year 10 members from the ALTACHEM team take part in ‘Kom op tegen Kanker’ (the fight against cancer) a four-day cycling event covering 1000km, and raising €15,000 for cancer research – a commendable feat! Over the last 12 months, we’ve also said farewell to some of our longest serving employees, with careers that have spanned several decades in total, but although it has been sad to say goodbye, it’s been exciting to welcome new people into the LINDAL family.
LINDAL has grown and achieved in many, diverse ways this year and we have exciting plans in place with new product launches and developments waiting in the wings ready to take-off in 2020! Watch this space…

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About LINDAL Group

LINDAL Group is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of valves, actuators and spray caps used in aerosol products. The Hamburg, Germany-based company is celebrating 60 years of experience with innovative dispensing solutions for the cosmetics, household, pharmaceuticals, food and technical industries.

The LINDAL Group is represented by subsidiaries and licensees in more than 15 countries throughout Europe, Asia and The Americas. The company is renowned for its innovative designs, which deliver optimal functionality and return on investment. As a result, LINDAL packaging solutions are the choice of the world’s most prestigious and trusted brands.

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