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LINDAL Group wins FEA award for Bag-and-Bag technology (BAB)

Hamburg, Germany – November 12th, 2020

Aerosol dispensing leaders LINDAL Group have received the FEA Packaging Element Design award for their patent protected Bag-and-Bag technology (BAB).

Taking place virtually this year, the FEA Global Aerosol Awards 2020 featured entries from across the aerosol industry, including LINDAL’s BAB technology. A pressurised packaging system, BAB contains not one, but two chambers inside the same can, providing its own distinct capacity to package and dispense two incompatible formulations in the same pack. The point where the two products mix occurs at the time of use, through the dispensing system, or after application, depending on the end-user requirements and the actuator technology applied.

One of the key differentiators with LINDAL’s BAB is the use of a centred Bi-Power Valve instead of two separate stems. This eliminates the need to orientate the can during the filling process and allows existing equipment to be used with limited adjustments. Consumers also benefit because the centred stem allows a more equal distribution of the two formulas as during use, pressure is applied more evenly, resulting in improved user experience.

Brand benefits

The FEA jury explained the reason for LINDAL’s award, stating: ‘The LINDAL Bag-and-Bag (BAB) technology is very complex to make work properly. Two incompatible formulations can be rapidly filled through a centred Bi-power valve instead of two separate stems. The flow limitation is managed in the actuator, and not in the valve. It can work with any container material, but formulations could look very stylish and futuristic in transparent containers.’

Through BAB, brands within pharmaceutical, cosmetic, technical and food & beverage market segments can be more creative with product packaging and offer greater dispensing options for customers with products that may have traditionally required far greater application expertise at the point of use. An example of this is with a hair dye application where two products that would normally be packaged in two separate containers and mixed together manually by the consumer, are now able to be packaged together with BAB.

BAB benefits

Along with its own unique benefits, BAB also incorporates traditional BOV (Bag-on-Valve) features, including: sealed packaging; extended shelf life; continuous dispensing; an overall improved user experience and a 96-98% evacuation rate depending on product viscosity. In addition, BAB extends opportunities for new applications as it allows products that were originally and exclusively designed for non-aerosols to be used with aerosols.

Kashif Choudhry, Group Marketing Manager for LINDAL added: “We are delighted that BAB has been recognised as the most innovative packaging element by the FEA. It has successfully achieved the ambition of mixing two products just before, or during use – a development which marks a new and exciting chapter in the aerosol industry. BAB’s compatibility with compressed air makes it sustainable, safe and easy to use for consumers.”

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