LINDAL website lights the way for new industry standard

November 5, 2020

In February 2019, we announced the launch of our new website (See our press release and blog).

We explained how we rolled our sleeves up and really did our homework to provide the best user experience by creating a new customer communication concept with enhanced navigational tools.

18 months on and not only is our website ‘colouring the way for customers’ with a smart colour coding concept for a more intuitive navigation, but the concept is also being adopted throughout the industry.

Kashif Choudhry, Group Marketing Manager at LINDAL, said: “We have been surprised and flattered that some of our competitors have not only copied the concept but also have replicated entire sections of our website, as the saying goes: ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’! This is indeed a great compliment and validation for Lindal but naturally we are concerned that our customers may mistake less well-established products for those of our own. This outcome goes against our original aim of making things easier for our customers, as it could lead to mistaken product identities.”

Despite the unexpected inspiration the new website has given, we are no strangers to setting industry standards at LINDAL. We invest heavily in aerosol dispensing innovation as it is one of our key differentiators that allows us to build confidence and loyalty for our products with our customers. Recognising that customers in the industry understand well the risks of replicas, we are confident that simply copying our ideas and concepts will not be enough to persuade customers to adopt such alternatives. Afterall, endorsing this approach ultimately only leads to stifling innovation, an outcome we should all want to avoid.

Since launching, the site has seen 20% more traffic than 2019 with new leads having multiplied by a factor of five – results that are not easy to replicate!

We’ve got lots of exciting things in the pipeline for future web development. But all things considered, we won’t be sharing the details just yet!