Mini Engine Platform

LINDAL’s Mini Engine Platform offers a smart and flexible way to improve packaging sustainability and get new actuator designs to market quickly.

How does it work?
The patent-pending technology separates a standard one-piece actuator into two parts; an outer body made from 100% post-consumer resin and an internal ‘Mini Engine’ designed for optimum spray performance.

Sustainable. Flexible. Smart.

Sustainable. Flexible. Smart.

How is it sustainable?

The outer body of the Mini Engine is made from PCR, a quality material created from recycled plastics. Also, because limited equipment and customisation of existing assembly lines are needed to integrate the Mini Engine platform, energy consumption is reduced.

How is it flexible and smart?
Because fewer resources are required to incorporate the platform, product development time and costs are reduced. Performance testing can begin immediately too, meaning overall, time to market is cut by around two thirds, pretty smart we think. The outer body of the Mini Engine can be adapted for a large variety of different can diameters, and it’s customisable too, making it hugely flexible.

Your customised Design

Your customised Design

The Mini Engine platform can be adapted for standard can diameters ranging from thirty-five to sixty-five millimetres, and larger if your application requires.

We’ve created seven different designs for the outer body of the Mini Engine, each available in a number of colours. The outer body can also be customised to meet your own range of unique branding and design requirements.


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