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LINDAL and DuPont celebrate ‘smart’ ADF award win

Hamburg, Germany – September 19, 2019


LINDAL and DuPont celebrate ‘smart’ ADF award win

Leading aerosol dispensing experts, LINDAL Group have picked up a joint award with chemical company, Dupont at the ADF&PCD New York Packaging Innovation Awards.

Designed by Dupont’s Performance Building Solutions business and co-developed by LINDAL’s precision manufacturing and assembly process experts, the GREAT STUFF ™ SMART DISPENSER™, outshone fellow nominees in the Industrial and Technical Application category at one of the biggest aerosol events on the calendar.

Kashif Choudhry, Global Marketing Manager at LINDAL Group said: “We are thrilled to receive the award with Performance Building Solutions. It’s testament to both the ingenuity of the product and the results that can be achieved with successful collaboration.”

Designed for the home improvement market, the GREAT STUFF ™ SMART DISPENSER™ is the world’s first polyurethane foam dispenser with an automatic tip seal that reduces product cure, enabling it to be used for up to 30 days. This unique feature distinguishes it from existing single device foam dispensing straws.

The new innovation provides improved user control for more accurate dispensing, reduced messiness thanks to the automatic seal and a simple ‘pull to start and release to stop’ action for ease of use. Because it is constructed from lightweight materials and ergonomic injection moulded components, it is also more comfortable to use.

During the product development process, a critical point was reached where further, more specialised input was required to enable mass manufacturing. LINDAL was chosen as a partner due to its extensive injection moulding manufacturing and high-speed automatic machine assembly expertise.

John Deleeuw, Business External Manufacturing Leader, DuPont Performance Building Solutions said: “Having listened to the feedback from customers, we were confident our design had tackled the two major issues of messiness and lack of re-use. From there, we needed to find a team with expertise in manufacturing and assembly processes. We value LINDAL’s knowledge and experience and believe their involvement was vital in turning our concept into a reality.”

Kashif Choudhry concluded: “This project was a golden opportunity to learn from one of our valued partners. We are certain this award marks the start of a run of success and recognition for this multifaceted and innovative product.”

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